8 Key Actions In Planning A Hybrid Corporate Occasion

8 Key Actions In Planning A Hybrid Corporate Occasion

Hybrid events are becoming the new trend due to the flexibility they provide. With a mix and match of audience present physical and virtual attendees, hybrid events allow a broad audience to attend the event. Lately, the introduction of series like TED Talks has taken the popularity of these kinds of events to the next level. Through these events, people can now rely less on physical locations and connect digitally to get things done easily. Now, these events are a great way to bring opportunities for better sponsorship and reduce financial risks.

Hybrid events have taken down the travel and accommodation costs, which has put attendees more at ease and enabled them to participate. Even those who live far away from the event’s location can quickly attend. While there are tons of benefits of hybrid events, which make them an excellent choice, many things still go into the planning process. To make your hybrid event a success, you must keep a keen eye on each of the things that need to be done.

To help you out, we have put everything in this blog so you understand what needs to be done to have a successful hybrid corporate occasion.

Things That Must Be Planned For A Successful Hybrid Corporate Occasion

There has been a significant hike in hybrid corporate occasions’ popularity due to their ease and flexibility. Especially for people who can’t reach a location due to prior business commitments can also be present, gain knowledge and share their opinion. These benefits of hybrid events have made it an attractive option. However, many things must be planned, so people rely on professional event planners like Art Kitchen to avoid mishaps. We are your go-to creative caterer for a hybrid corporate occasion.

You must look into things when planning a hybrid corporate occasion.

1.   Capture The Attention Of Both Audiences

Often we focus on people present, remembering the one attending. Sometimes it’s the opposite; we give our attention too much to the people there virtually so they don’t miss anything or face any issues. That is why ideal balance is essential, and two strategies must be implemented, one for the online attendees and one for live participants. Networking and interaction opportunities must be presented to both audiences; they must get options like discussion groups, in-session polling, and chat rooms. It is also important that both attendees get to interact and meet together.

2.   Offer Engaging Content

Keeping the content engaging is one of the most crucial key actions when it comes to planning a hybrid corporate event. You’ll have to remember that you’ll be hosting a diverse audience with different expectations.

Let’s talk about the physical audience first. When going to an event, one has to get time off, leave other work and plan it in the schedule. This way, the entire focus is on the occasion. Since the live attendees are entirely and dedicatedly present, they might not get concerned about minor issues or long keynotes.

However, this won’t be the case for virtual participants. They are probably attending from their homes while juggling other responsibilities and commitments. Understandably, they will be dividing their attention, and a long session will not be something they will like.

Therefore, while planning a hybrid corporate event, you must keep the content engaging for both attendees. It should be short and easy to understand for all the participants. Also, the way of delivery should be fun and informative instead of monotonous.

3.   Go For the Right Platform

The platform selection can make or break your hybrid event, so looking into every aspect is essential. In an in-person event, the need is for space, capacity, and facilities. However, in a hybrid, you’ll have virtual attendees, so you’ll have to accommodate them in the best possible way leaving no room for errors.

You must choose a platform that can offer session recording, live-streaming, and engagement features such as tech support, high-quality video, audio, and chat and pools. Try to get a demo from your selected virtual event platform before deciding.

Keep in mind that many of the virtual attendees may need more breaks throughout the event. So ensure to have a plan that can provide them content on-demand through which they can access at a convenient time and have an elevated experience.

4.   Be Prepared

There can be unpredictable situations during the hybrid event, so staying prepared for any unforeseen mishaps is crucial. For instance, you can test every piece of equipment to ensure you don’t face any technical issues mid-event. This will help you identify weak spots.

Also, you can look into light and audio settings before the big event. Occurrences of technical issues are not uncommon during corporate hybrid occasions. However, these errors can always be controlled and solved quickly by taking proactive measures.

5.   Ideal Technology Set-up

Technology is what carries out a hybrid event efficiently, and for that, you have to ensure everything is set up in the right way. You must have live event support on a broadcast level so that many virtual attendees can be present at once.

Have multiple cameras set up at various angles so the recording is done with high-quality streaming? Each camera must have high-quality image capturing and sound recording. As we have previously discussed, an online platform must have interactive features for remote and in-person attendees to have mutual interaction.

Consider having a platform to post the recording for those who couldn’t attend the event. Give the virtual attendees the content of your event to keep them engaged. All of these considerations go hand in hand with an execution of a successful hybrid corporate occasion.

Always have a backup prepared in case there is an electrical default. Be ready for any sound failure or microphone issues; keeping everything in extra pairing is ideal.

6.   Have A Proper Budgeting Plan

Your budget will also be affected since a hybrid event will require you to cater to two audiences, physical and virtual. You’ll need to put up proper costs for event production along virtual and physical spaces. Look into hybrid technology costs that you will have to pay. Create a budget that includes all of these things. Remember each factor while creating an ideal budget that can work well for you.

7.   Get A Responsible Team On The Ground

You need a hybrid approach to build a strong team for mixed corporate occasions. Set a section on the ground to monitor everything for the live attendees and a team that can control the digital space. Ensure that there is an executive producer who looks for everything from both ends. This higher position can communicate from both teams to build up an experience that is in sync and engaging for both audiences. Select the teams wisely who know how everything would work for a hybrid event so there are no issues during it. The people on the ground must be responsible enough to handle any situation and be at their best to ensure everything runs smoothly.

8.   Offer Food To The Physical Attendees

Food is a prominent aspect to look into in any event involving physical attendees. You can get in touch with professionals like Art Kitchen. From catering to equipment hire, you can trust us for everything. You can pre-plan the menu with us so that there is no problem at the time of execution. Our experienced team tests everything beforehand to ensure that everything goes smoothly without any trouble.

To Wrap It Up

Hybrid corporate occasions are the new norm in the latest era. These events have made it accessible for everyone, which has added to its hype. Various vital actions are planning that goes into a successful hybrid corporate occasion, and by keeping the aforementioned mixed corporate event ideas in mind, you’ll be able to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Do your best to capture your audiences’ attention by presenting them with engaging content. Choose the right platform with intrusive features that can mutually engage the audience. Have an ideal budget set up and get a responsible team around. Plan a delicious menu that sets well for everyone present at the location, for which you can contact Art Kitchen. We are known for our providing exceptional catering in Sydney. To find out more, you can visit our website.