6 Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

6 Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

6 Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Food bars or food stations at wedding receptions are becoming popular nowadays. In addition to adding a unique touch to the special event, the best food station catering Sydney companies ensure that food bars satisfy the cravings of the wedding guests. Depending on the budget set by the client, there are various eye catching and mouthwatering food stations to try.

Bacon and Eggs

Sometimes we just want to go back to the basics. Especially for morning weddings, your simple eggs and bacon can be a hit. Some recipes to try for this food station are baked eggs in bread bowls, poached eggs, omelet and the deviled eggs. Guests can also have their eggs DIYed or they can have the food attendant cook their own eggs and bacon recipe.

Gourmet Pancakes and Sandwiches

Just with the sound of it, this food cart will be a hit especially to kids and the guests who are young at heart. Most of the Sydney best catering companies are experts in preparing gourmet and eye catching sandwiches like pinwheels, the grilled ones and the checkerboard looking sandwiches.

Pasta Lovers

Many people love pasta. Instead of serving it as part of the menu, you can take advantage of this and have your own pasta station when catering in Sydney. Macaroni and cheese is one to try but there are other pasta recipes that you can serve at a wedding that could be hit. Among them are the chicken pesto pasta and the broccolini pasta for the healthy eaters guests.

Ramen Noodles Station

Having deep fry noodles on the menu shows how a couple values various cultures. With Australia as one of the countries with people sharing different cultures, you will find that this food cart to be a must try for your guests.

Fried Potatoes Station

There is no need to spend much on food carts. One effective way of using these carts is to serve appetisers in them. By doing this, you can free a spot in your menu and may replace it with another dish. Among the old-time favorites for your fried potatoes station are French fries and hash brown as many people like the fast food idea. You can also add an interesting presentation by serving them in cute shapes.

Banana Station

Packed with many vitamins and of course the important potassium, bananas are popular and there are various desserts that caterers can serve using this main ingredient. Whether you want it served as smoothies and sorbet or as bread or cakes, guests that are practicing a healthy diet and those with sweet teeth will surely love this food bar.

Making your wedding reception extraordinary does not have to cost you a lot of money. With just a pinch of creativity and a dash of taste, you will definitely give your guests and the wedding couple the unique and memorable experience that they are looking for,