Exploring Global Cuisine Trends in Corporate Catering

Exploring Global Cuisine Trends in Corporate Catering

Corporate events are essential for creating and nourishing corporate relationships or contacts with your partners, employees, and clients. As the corporate catering industry multiplies, the cuisine trends and concepts in corporate catering also continue to evolve rapidly. To cater to this need of the hour, catering companies provide a captivating and unique dining experience of corporate catering in Sydney.

Corporate Catering provides meals and beverages to corporate gatherings and business meetings, ranging from small onsite meeting lunches to huge offsite dinners. The cost of the catering events mainly varies depending on the size, level, and budget of the gatherings.

In this blog, we will explore some of the most amazing and unique cuisine trends in 2023 in corporate catering. Let’s dive straight into it!

Global Cuisine Trends in Corporate Catering

Talking about trends, corporate catering is one of the most essential aspects of any corporate gathering. Gone are the times when meetings used to be boring and dull! Now, with the easy accessibility of catering companies, brands and firms are all in with impressing people through food, drinks, or even catering equipment.

From business lunches and office meetings to significant bids and parties before holidays, corporate catering is just what you need to ensure the success of your gathering. In actuality, it’s all about what the people want. According to studies, the employees and attendees want a casual ambience and comfort foods. Here are some significant global cuisine trends in corporate catering:

Sustainable Catering

As the world moves towards eco-consciousness, sustainable catering has become one of the hottest trends in the catering industry. It involves adapting practices that positively impact the environment and society. For this, catering companies significantly consider sustainability all throughout their operations, from fetching the ingredients to delivering the final product. Reputable catering companies like Art Kitchen pay keen attention to aspects such as the following:

  1. Sourcing ingredients from local or sustainable means.
  2. Avoiding wastage of any food.
  3. Tackling single-use Items and opting for sustainable packaging.
  4. Having clean and upgraded commercial kitchens
  5. Reducing water waste.


Health is Wealth

Health and safety precautions are leading issues when it comes to corporate catering. After COVID-19, people have returned to work with incredible difficulty. So, health and safety is their primary concern these days. Taking care of cleanliness and tidiness inside the kitchen and within the catering chefs is a top priority.

Apart from that, healthy ingredients and menus should be included in the menu, such as greens and fruits. For instance, if you’re curating a menu for lunch, you can consider including the following:

  • 2-3 pieces of fruit.
  • A small bowl of finely cut veggies boiled or steamed.
  • Healthy carbohydrate options like multi-grain bread, rice, pasta, and oats.
  • A massive source of protein such as meat, fish, chicken, fish, eggs, or pulses.

Futuristic Dining

Are you looking for new and futuristic cuisine trends in corporate catering? You’d be glad to know that the future is here, and so is futuristic dining. The advancements in technology have introduced various trends that seem to be shaping the future of catering. With the advent of new technologies, caterers are always on the lookout for better ways to improve their dining experience and provide more engaging, personalised experiences for their customers. Let’s explore the exciting innovations in catering! Picture this: some caterers are using 3D printing to create incredible, edible sculptures and decorations. At the same time, others are adding a touch of magic to their dining experiences with augmented reality, making meals feel like immersive adventures.

But there’s more! Catering is also getting a boost from data. By looking at what customers like, studying sales info, and checking out other numbers, caterers are making menus, prices, and marketing plans that are as spot-on as a perfectly seasoned dish. It’s all about giving you the tastiest and most enjoyable experience possible!

Immense love for Italian and Chinese food

Pizza all day, every day. Saying no to Italian and Chinese food is a tough call.

According to studies, Italian and Chinese cuisines are the preferred corporate catering options because people compare Mediterranean food’s nutritional and slimming perks with Italian Food. However, that shouldn’t mean we should eat heavy Italian meals with wine all day. The corporate world wants that, but we should also look for what’s best for the health.

Food Should be Visually Appealing

Visually appealing food lowers stress cortisol levels created during working hours. A well-presented meal with a good aesthetic appeal goes a long way in impressing your clients and employees. The visuals also play an active role in branding using platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram, where the audience would take great notice of your corporate lunch meal activities.

Mocktails never leave.

Earlier, mocktails were downgraded to a side order or pushed away at the bottom of a menu. But now there has been a significant shift with mocktails being the centre of attraction for a café’s publicity. This is probably because many people are trying to adopt healthier lifestyles. Also, they are trying to lower or limit their alcohol consumption. For this reason, mixologists (People who create and taste mocktails) have incorporated the task of creating ground-breaking and delicious mocktails. This guarantees that no one feels left out and all your guests feel equally treated. This makes mocktails an excellent option to be included in the menu of your corporate lunch.

Plant-Based Platters

We all know how VEGAN diets and plant-based food are exploding all over the globe. Gone are the days when you mainly had to struggle to find alternatives for dairy or meat. As awareness increases and high-quality vegan options and plant menus become readily available, we are watching meat lovers gradually turn back. Corporate caterers today are keeping plant-based options on the menus, offering various vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free choices.

According to a recent trend in the vegan world, we can see more usage of mushrooms incorporated into appetisers, main dishes, desserts, and now décor.

Comfort Food

Comfort food is always close to people’s hearts. Don’t just everyone rely on their favourite comfort food, which brings back memories and nostalgia of childhood, home, or close friends? Remembering all the happy or emotional moments through eating certain foods can be therapy. Some corporate catering businesses have embraced bringing comfort food to the workplace, be it mac n cheese, chickpea pasta, potato wedges, etc. These dishes are often made with a fun twist and good presentations.

Premium Food Options

Keep upscale premium Food options on your menu. Early elegant foods were served on rare occasions, but the demand for more premium foods has increased. These included prime cuts of meat and more acceptable and upgraded wines. Providing premium food menu options result in an excellent branding and marketing strategy for the employer using these type of corporate catering.

Keto-Diet Foods

Naturally, low-carb and high-fat cheese is a fantastic addition to corporate events. However, consuming meat and poultry can provide the body with essential nutrients. Cheese can be served as it is or on raw, steamed vegetables.

Gluten-Free Treats

According to Cuisine Trends 2023, catering businesses provide gluten-free treats to events, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Examples include nuts with dried fruits (naturally gluten-free unless flavoured), rice cakes with cream cheese and jam, Strawberries with Cool Whip, and Plain peanuts or almonds.

Middle Eastern Menu

Middle Eastern menu items include kebabs, doners, shawarma, and yoghurt. These are said to be healthy and weight-friendly meals, with each dish having a burst of delicious flavours. Corporate Catering has used the Middle Eastern menu to place an image in corporate events.

Apart from that, Middle Eastern people are almost spread globally, working in numerous organisations, so they love the central-eastern menu in corporate events.

Small Deserts

One can never leave dessert platters. We can commonly hear about the popularity of miniature desserts. Just like pastries, one-bite brownies, tiny eclairs, and pre-cut lemon bars make dessert a small but sweet taste. These are perfect for busy employees with a long afternoon remaining and for holding a successful corporate event.

International Seasonings

Seasoning food brings out the flavours properly. Home-cooked and restaurant meals differ mainly because of the seasoning added to meals to bring out unique flavours. Some corporate caterers play by mixing and matching cuisines. They combine spicy sauces with mild, flavorful dishes and have gained popularity.

Favourite Dishes Mashed up into one meal

A food mashup is somewhat like a music or song mashup using two or more great and delicious foods. Ultimately, it results in a new dish, bursting out flavours in the mouth. It’s often recognised wholly as a uniquely inspired creation. So, suppose you’re a corporate catering business stuck with boring lunch ideas. In that case, you should level up your game and try mixing new flavours and seasonings, mixing different foods, and creating unique masterpieces.


To Wrap Up:

These were some of the hottest trends in the world of corporate catering. In today’s time, corporate catering is not just an ordinary business but adds much more value to the corporate industry, especially in its branding opportunities. So, mixing up meals using gluten-free and keto options, using seasonings, and creating mini desserts are outstanding ideas for corporate catering. If you’re looking for a renowned and reputable catering company for your corporate event, consider getting in touch with Art Kitchen.